Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights to Improve Your Study Experience

Investing in the best wall mounted reading lights is a wise way to improve your nighttime reading experience. The lamp provides adequate light to let you read effortlessly without straining your eyes.

However, while these lamps seem vital, picking the right one from the multiple choices in stores is an uphill. In fact, you can end up buying an inferior model if you are acquiring one for the first time.

That being the case, we cherry-picked and scrutinized top rated wall mounted reading lights worth the investment. The picks are durable, their light is eye-friendly, and they have a reasonable price tag.

Licperron Wall Sconce stands as the most favorite wall mounted reading light. It has an attractive vintage design and a durable metallic construction. It produces soft light to minimize eye tension when reading.

Despite its low price tag, LENCET Rechargeable reading lamp comes equipped with eye protection LEDs, a sturdy frame, and an adjustable angle gooseneck. Its universal clamp simplifies the installation process.

Best Wall Mounted Reading Lights Reviews

1. Licperron Vintage Style Wall Sconce

Highlighted Features

  • UL certified
  • Measures 15.2X4X16 inches (LWH)
  • 6 feet plug-in cable with dimmer switch
  • Angle adjustable lampshade
  • Metallic construction
  • One year warranty

From an attractive vintage design to the robust construction, this top rated wall mounted reading lamp has everything which defines the best reading lamp. It is a favorite for many avid readers.

These best reading lights come in a pack of two, each featuring an attractive vintage design that adds some style to your reading space. You can install them in your dining, bedroom, kitchen, living room, or reading room. Equipped with a dimmer switch, you can regulate this reading lamp’s light intensity to give your reading space an ambiance that you love. Dim it to create a relaxing atmosphere, or make it brighter to improve your reading energy levels. Light from the Licperron wall sconce is soft enough for your eyes

In addition to the UL dimmer switch, this wall mounted reading light features an adjustable lampshade that lets you focus the lamp’s light to the specific place you want. You can adjust its angle between 0-240 degrees.

2. Design House 505115 Wall Light

Highlighted Features

  • Two-color options
  • Metallic construction
  • Bell-shaped translucent lampshade
  • Ten years limited warranty
  • UL listed

Design House made this best wall mounted reading light’s frame from steel, a robust material that can last for several years. The construction features an oil-rubbed bronze or a satin nickel finish to let you choose a lamp that would look great in your interior.

Featuring a petite design, this wall mounted reading lamp will stick on your wall without popping out. It is an ideal fit for enthusiastic readers who wouldn’t want to compromise their interior aesthetics.

Installing this wall mounted reading light is a breeze. You just need a screwdriver and a few screws to get the job done. You will not need a technician or buy expensive tools to fix the reading light on your wall.

Design House 505115 wall light uses the standard 60-watt incandescent bulb t provides enough soft light for a comfortable reading experience. Its translucent bell-shaped lampshade absorbs excessive glare.

It is UL certified for safety & quality, and it has a 10-year warranty to cover you against issues associated with manufacturing defects

3. Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • USB charging port
  • Pen holder
  • Inbuilt screen to show date and time
  • ABS construction
  • Adjustable brightness
  • 256 color changing base

Wanjiaone designed this study LED desk lamp with one significant vision- helping you focus on reading. That’s why it comes loaded with plenty of features to save you from regular distractions.

It comes with a USB port to recharge your phone while reading, and a holder to keep your pens, highlighters, or pencils organized. An inbuilt screen on the lamp’s base shows you the current time and date. The lamp is built from industrial grade ABS. .

With three brightness levels, you can regulate the unit's light intensity to bright, dim, or medium brightness. Also, you can adjust the lamp's head to focus light on any specific area you want..

A spectrum ring on the lamp’s base lets you give your room an attractive ambiance to improve your reading experience. Hold the ring for 2 seconds, and this magic lamp will illuminate your room with 256 different colors.

4. LENCENT Rechargeable Reading lamp

Highlighted Features

  • Three brightness levels
  • Built-in 1000amh rechargeable battery
  • Eye-protection lighting technology
  • Angle adjustable lamp head
  • Sturdy clip for installation

With a rechargeable battery, LENCET study light gives you the freedom to use it anywhere you want. It is an excellent alternative to those corded wall-mounted reading lights that restrict you to read around a socket.

Equipped with a robust clip with a stable base, you can use this portable reading light as a stand-alone unit, or you can clamp it on your wall, bookshelves, e-readers, and many other places. It requires no installation.

LENCET rechargeable reading lamp features a flexible gooseneck that lets you focus the unit's light to the exact place you wish to illuminate. You can adjust the goose neck’s angle from 0-360 degrees.

A press button on the lamp’s head gives you the freedom to tune the LED’s brightness and color to your liking. Long press the button to change the LEDs' color, and short press it to regulate brightness.

This best rechargeable reading light uses innovative eye-protection LEDs to shield your eyes from tension and other eye problems associated with inappropriate lighting.

5. Dodocool Reading Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Height adjustable
  • Programmable timer
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Flicker-free LEDs

Dodocool reading lamp boasts of a programmable timer that turns off your lamp automatically, thereby saving you from the hassle of dealing with touch buttons in those times when you feel dizzy after reading.

This best reading light features a stable base that sits firmly on your floor. So, you will not need to install it on your wall or clamp it on your reading table. It a suitable option for readers who live in rented apartments.

This best reading light’s gooseneck extends effortlessly to let you focus its light to the place you need it most. The stable base and the gooseneck from metal to withstand heavy use and abuse.

What’s more? You can adjust the reading lamp’s brightness to give you an ambiance that you love. Use the warm setting to give your room a warm ambiance, and the cool setting to give your room a motivating ambiance.

Regardless of the brightness level, this reading lamp will produce soft light that reduces eye tension.

6. EYOCEAN LED Reading Light

Highlighted Features

  • Ten brightness levels
  • Black and silver color options
  • Memory function
  • Aluminum alloy clamp and gooseneck
  • 100% money-back guarantee

This top rated wall mounted reading lamp uses high quality LED chips to produce ultra-bright, soft light that will let you read for prolonged hours without fatiguing your eyes. It is suitable for readers with eye issues.

A multifunction switch on the lamp’s head gives you the freedom to regulate the LED's brightness to a comfortable setting. The switch has a memory function to remember your most recent setting. Thus, you will not need to keep adjusting the lamp’s brightness every time you power it on.

Regardless of the light intensity you choose, this wall mounted reading light will not strain or deteriorate your eyes' health. Thanks to a milky white diffuser on this unit’s head bar. It minimizes flickering and dazzling.

With a strong aluminum alloy clamp, you can attach this wall mounted reading light almost anywhere. You can attach it on your reading table, bed, wall, or bookshelf. It is an alternative to those units that require installation.

7. Niulight Desk Lamp with Clamp

Highlighted Features

  • Six color modes
  • Aluminum foldable frame
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Memory function
  • UL listed
  • Programmable timer

While this desk lamp has several useful features, it stands out for one- a robust frame that folds down to a highly portable unit. It is an excellent deal for campers, travelers, and any avid reader who lives a highly mobile life.

Its clamp rotates 360 degrees to let you direct the lamp’s light to the exact area you want. The innovatively designed clamp gives you the freedom to attach this reading light in any place near your reading desk. You can direct its light to your book without hassle.

Niulight's engineers equipped this reading lamp with eye caring LEDs to minimize strain and other detrimental issues associated with improper LEDs. The LEDs are 80% energy efficient.

This unit's touch-sensitive control lets you adjust the LEDs' brightness, temperature, and color modes to your liking. Its smart function remembers your most ideal setting, thereby saving you from having to adjust the lamp’s temperature and brightness every time you power it on.

8. Catalina Lighting Wall Mounted Accent Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • Metallic construction
  • Alexa controllable
  • Angle adjustable lamp head
  • 5 feet power cord
  • Safety certified

Catalina Lighting designed this best wall mounted reading lights for avid readers who love smart home gadgets. You can connect it to your smart home outlet and, after that, command it through Alexa from the comfort of your reading desk.

Its sleek and stylish design blends well with most interior decors. It will not pop out from your wall, and its black finish will not color clash with your space’s aesthetics. It is ideal for choosey homeowners who wouldn't want to compromise their interior's aesthetics.

This wall-mounted reading light uses a 40-watt standard bulb that is strong enough to provide sufficient soft light. However, the light’s intensity isn’t adjustable, and the unit does not come with the 40-watt bulb.

You can use this wall mounted reading light as a desk lamp or a free-standing floor lamp with a broad base. However, if you prefer hanging it on your wall, you can get a pin-up kit to install it.

9. COZOO LED Desk Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • Three brightness levels
  • 3 USB ports
  • Programmable timer
  • Foldable
  • Corded
  • Three color modes
  • Plastic construction
  • Memory function

COZOO designed this wall mounted reading light for avid readers who love multi-purpose appliances. You can use it as an office lamp, a computer lamp, or a night light. As well you can use this reading light as a charging station.

It features 3 USB ports that can recharge up to three iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones concurrently. In addition to the ports, this wall mounted reading light has two AC outlets to charge your laptop, speakers, or XBOX one

According to your liking, a touch-sensitive panel on this reading light helps you control the lamps' brightness level and color modes. You simply slide it with your finger to get the job done effortlessly.

As a bonus, this reading light has a programmable timer that powers off the LEDs after one hour, and a memory function that saves your last brightness setting. Thus, you will not need to keep adjusting your lamp’s light intensity every time you want to use it.

10. Globe Electric 56963 Desk Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • 6-foot code
  • Spring-loaded arm
  • 60 W standard bulb
  • Metallic construction
  • Sturdy metal clamp

Constructed from an all-metal construction, this wall mounted reading light will serve you diligently for a reasonable number of years. Its black coating blends well with most interior decors.

Equipped with a sturdy metal clamp, you can attach this reading light on most of your home surfaces. Hook it on your reading table, bookshelf, or any other convenient place near your reading area.

Its six-foot-long power cord gives you the freedom to install and use the reading lamp away from the main switch.

This best reading light comes equipped with a spring-loaded arm that lets you direct the unit’s light to the place you need it most. The arm flexes easily to save you the energy and time you would have wasted adjusting those hard to adjust arms.

Globe Electric desk lamp uses the standard 60-watt bulb to illuminate your reading area. The bulb produces enough soft white light to let you read without straining your eyes. However, this lamp lacks the feature that lets you adjust the bulb’s brightness.

Factors to Consider When Buying Wall Mounted Reading Lights

If you are looking to choose the best wall mounted reading light, here are a few factors that you should contemplate before you start shopping. The aspects will save you from investing in a model that would worsen your reading experience.

Factors to Consider When Buying Wall Mounted Reading Lights

While wall mounted reading lights were designed to improve your reading experience, that isn’t their only function. Some are designed to revamp your interior décor, and others are designed to work as portable flashlights.

If you want one to revamp your interior, look around for an ornamental sconce with a striking appearance and a thoughtful design that would breathe some new life to your bedroom, living room, or any other place where you intend to install it.

If you want a multipurpose workhorse, get a wall-mounted reading light with extra functions. For instance, you can buy one with USB ports if you want your lamp to work as a charging station, or get a portable unit if you wish to use the reading light as a night light or an office lamp.

What type of wall mounted reading light do you need?

There are three primary types of wall mounted reading lights- the corded, rechargeable, and foldable reading lamps. Since each type has its unique merits and demerits, we propose that you invest in onethat fits your needs comfortably.

  • Corded wall mounted reading lights.

This type is powered directly from your mains switch. While they work well, the cord will limit you to using your reading light around a socket. In fact, most are designed to be installed permanently. So, they might not be ideal if you a study lamp that you can use anywhere.

  • Rechargeable wall mounted reading lights.

As their name suggests, this type comes equipped with a rechargeable battery. That means that you can use it anywhere as long as its battery is charged. It is an excellent investment for avid readers who want a lamp they can use anywhere.

  • Foldable wall mounted reading lights.

If you are an avid reader who wouldn't mind reading a few pages when camping or traveling, a foldable reading light would be your most ideal pick. It folds to a size that you can carry around comfortably. It can be corded or rechargeable.

What is the ideal construction material for wall mounted reading lights?

Best reading lights are either constructed from plastic, ABS, aluminum, or steel. Plastic and ABS reading lights are often less expensive, making them an excellent option for readers who are on a budget.

Despite their low price, they are durable as long as you don't expose them to massive abuse. Nonetheless, they are not as durable as their counterparts made from aluminum, steel, and any other metal.

Unlike plastic, steel and aluminum are durable enough to last. They are virtually resistant to rusting, corrosion, and ordinary wear occasioning from constant use. Buying them would save you from the hassle of replacing or repairing flimsy reading lights.

What is the price for top rated wall mounted reading lights?

On average, the best wall mounted reading lamps cost between 10-50 dollars. The price tends to differ depending on a lamp's construction material, design, and features that make the reading lamp you are looking to buy.

In many cases, best reading lamps constructed from low-cost materials like plastic and ABS are less costly than those constructed from robust materials like aluminum and steel.

On the other hand, wall-mounted reading lights with USB ports, a memory function, an angle adjustable gooseneck or lamp head, and adjustable light LEDs tend to come with a high price tag. Those with essential functions are less costly.

Is the reading lamp you are eyeing friendly to your eyes?

While wall mounted reading lights are designed to improve your reading experience, substandard models can turn out to be an issue. Their flickering light will cause eye tension, or at worst, the inappropriate lights can lead to severe eye conditions.

Therefore, before buying, make sure that the reading lamps you are eyeing provide sufficient soft lightto let you read effortlessly without straining your eyes. Such lights have eye care bulbs that produce natural-like light that doesn’t strain your eyes.

Besides the eye care LEDs, the eye-friendly wall mounted reading lights let you adjust their brightness to suit your needs. You do not have to struggle reading under a dim or an ultra-bright beam of light.

What about the lamp’s lampshadedesign?

A lamp's lampshade design is another critical factor to consider when looking for the best wall mounted reading lamps. Why? It determines the direction of light and how the light will be projected on your reading space.

For instance, bell-shaped lampshade projects light over a wide area. It is ideal for avid readers who want a unit that will support two or several readers. On the other hand, a cylindrical lampshade focuses light horizontally and directly to your book. It is an excellent buy for readers who don't want to disturb other people in a shared room.

Regardless of the lampshade style, a good reading lamp should have an adjustable lampshade. Why? An adjustable lamp head will give you the freedom to focus the lamp's light on the exact place you want to illuminate.

Our Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that wall mounted reading lights are essential for avid readers looking to have a quality night time read. These gadgets produce enough soft light to help you read your book without straining your eyes.

Since choosing the best wall mounted light from the numerous options offered in the market is a challenge, we scrutinized the ten best wall mounted reading lights to save you from investing in an inferior model that might not last.

Our picks use appropriate LEDs to protect your eyes' health, and they feature a robust construction to serve you for long. Moreover, our suggestions are easy to install and operate. Savvy readers often recommend them.

If you are unable to pick an apposite reading light from the ones we have scrutinized, we propose the Licperron vintage style wall sconce as a top choice. It has a durable frame, dimmable lights, and an attractive vintage design.

For our budget readers, we propose LENCENT’s rechargeable reading lamp. It uses eye protection LEDs to minimize eye-strain, and it comes with a rechargeable battery to enhance portability. Happy Reading!

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