Best Utility Sinks

Best Utility Sinks to Enhance your Laundering Experience

Utility sinks are the king of tubs. From hand-washing your clothes, cleaning overly soiled items, filling mop buckets, and grooming your furry friends, the best utility sinks will take any cleaning task without difficulties. They are larger and more durable than the conventional kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Since the sink world has numerous brands, we narrowed down to ten of the best laundry utility sinks worthy of every dime. They are moderately priced, durable, spacious, and easy to install. They have exceptional rankings from consumers who are already using them.

The VETTA freestanding utility sink is ourmuch loved. Its thermoplastic and metallic construction will endure the ravages of time, and its big bowl will accommodate diverse laundering tasks without issue.

If you got budgetary restraints, go for the KINDRED stainless steel utility sink. Though less costly, this sink’s heavy gauge stainless steel construction will offer decades of service. Its drop-in design will simplify installation.

Best Utility Sinks Reviews

1. VETTA Free Standing Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Freestanding installation
  • Thermoplastic and metal construction
  • Pull down faucet
  • Mounting hardware
  • 19-gallon capacity
  • Measures 23.5X15.5X23.5 inches (LWH)

From a durable construction, a spacious tub, to an easy to install design, VETTA's freestanding utility sink has all the features needed to augment your convenience in the laundry room. Unsurprisingly, it takes the first slot on our roundup

With a 19-gallon tub, this best freestanding utility sink will let you wash or clean your items with utmost convenience. Homeowners who’ve tried it claim that they use it to clean or soak clothes, scrub bulk size kitchenware, or even bath pets without issue.

Made from premium thermoplastic, the tub offers superb resiliency to the wear occasioning from corrosive detergents, heavy impact, as well as abrasion. It will take even the heaviest beating for several decades. The tub uses a high arc faucet with a pull downspout.

Unlike those sinks that might require expensive and labor-intensive installation, this model from VETTA is pretty easy to install. Thanks to its freestanding installation method. The manufacturer supplies it along with its mounting hardware.

2. Jackson Supplies Classic Utility Sinke

Highlighted Features

  • ABS, plastic, and metal construction
  • Freestanding or drop-in installation
  • Improved leg design
  • Feet with floor levelers
  • 19 gallons
  • Integrated multifunction faucets
  • Measures 22.875X23.375X33.75 inches (WHL)

This classic utility sink from Jackson Supplies features a crisp white tub to give your room a clean look. It is an excellent fit for spaces where hygiene is a top priority. The tub will maintain its clean looks even after years of exposure to alkalis, acids, dyes, and grime.

The sink’s tub isn’t just good-looking, but it is capacious enough to accommodate all your laundering projects. It has a dual function faucet that releases a steady stream for filling or a medium-pressure spray for rinsing.

Unlike its equals, this best laundry utility sink supports two installation options. First, you can use it as a freestanding sink that requires minimal installation labor. However, this installation option will consume more floor and wall space.

Secondly, you can disassemble the tub from the stand and then install it as a drop-in sink on your counter. This sink will save a lot of floor space.

3. Jackson Supplies Free Standing Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • ABS, plastic, and metal constriction
  • Freestanding installation
  • Multifunction high arc faucet
  • 19-gallon capacity
  • Mounting hardware
  • Measures 23.375X22.375X33.75 inches (LWH)

Featuring a rigid ABS tub and heavy-duty metal legs, there is no doubt that this utility sink will offer decades of service. The white finished tub will maintain its new looks for years, even when exposed to chemicals and stains frequently.

With a 19-gallon capacity, this sink's tub will offer ample space to execute various cleaning chores with excellent convenience. The sinks’ 40% thick legs will bear the weight of a filled tub comfortably. The leg’s levelers will keep the sink stable on uneven floors.

This best freestanding utility sink comes equipped with a multifunction faucet to improve your laundering experience. You can set it to release a steady stream for filling or a spray for rinsing. You can also pull down the faucet’s spout to direct water to any specific spot you want.

Mounting this freestanding utility sink is straightforward. Literally, you can install this slop sink yourself just in case you have the right tools and some basic plumbing knowledge. It comes with all mounting hardware.

4. LDR Industries Black Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Freestanding installation
  • Plastic and metal construction
  • Mounting hardware
  • Pull out faucet
  • Adjustable foot levelers
  • 19 gallons
  • Measures 23.375X22.375X33.75 inches (LWH)

When it comes to utility sink styles, black stands among the most trending. It won’t show off stains, smudges, and any other dirt even after going days without thorough cleaning. Also, black blends well with a broad spectrum of interior finishes.

LDR Industries’ technicians made the utility sink’s tub from heavy-duty plastic and its feet from metal. The tub will survive corrosion and heavy impact for years, while the feet will support the weight of a fully-loaded tub without issue.

This best slop sink comes equipped with a high arc faucet that provides generous clearance when laundering. The faucet's pull downspout will let you direct water to wherever you need it most. It comes along with the hardware required to set it up.

With a 19-gallon tub, this sink provides generous space for washing your bulk size pots, clothes, and gardening tools without difficulty. The tub isn’t just spacious, but it is also deep enough to minimize splashes.

5. LDR Industries White Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Wall mount, freestanding, or wall mount installation
  • Pull out chrome faucet
  • Plastic and metal construction
  • Mounting hardware
  • Mounting hardware
  • 19 gallons
  • Measures 23.375X22.375X33.75 inches (LWH)

This white utility sink is another great offer from LDRIndustries. It takes a slot on this roundup because of its ingenious design that lets you use it as a drop-in, wall-mount, or freestanding utility sink. It will fit in almost all laundry layouts.

Made from commercial-grade plastic and metal, this best laundry utility sink will serve you for a reasonable period. It will not bow down quickly when used regularly and exposed to alkalis, acids, and other harsh elements in a typical laundry room.

The utility sink uses a large, 19-gallon tub to provide enough space to carry on most, if not all, cleaning and laundry tasks. You can use it to groom pets, dye linen, soak clothes, or even wash large size home accessories without issue.

To enhance your laundering experience further, this utility sink comes equipped with a versatile, chrome coated pull out faucet that releases a steady or spray stream. With a pull-out spout, you can direct water effortlessly to wherever you want

6. KINDRED Drop-In Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Mounting hardware
  • Chrome faucet
  • Measures 15X15X8 inches (LWH)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 7.8 gallons

If space is limited, and yet you badly need the best slop sink, the KINDRED drop-in utility sink would be a suitable pick. Its compact, drop-in design will consume minimal space in your laundry, utility, or whichever room you intend to install it.

Made from 22 gauge stainless steel, this space-saving utility sink will endure regular beatings for several years. It will not corrode, stain, or rust when exposed to corrosive detergents and other unforgiving chemicals.

While many people associate stainless steel sinks with being noisy when banged, this model isn’t. It has sound-deadening pads that absorb excess noise and vibrations resulting from knocking the sink tub with heavy pans or pots..

To simplify the installation process, the KINDRED drop-in utility sink comes with an installation template and the hardware you will need to set it up without much fuss. The stainless steel sink comes with mounting brackets.

7. Mustee 14CP Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Freestanding
  • Polypropylene and stainless steel construction
  • 20 gallons
  • Mounting hardware
  • Ribbed underbody
  • Measures 23X25X13 inches (LWD)

With a 20-gallon capacity, the Mustee 14CP utility sink ranks as one of the most capacious units in stores. We would recommend it to homeowners who typically wash large quantities, scrub large-sized pots, or groom large pets.

Mustee made the sink’s tub from premium polypropylene, a tough thermoplastic with excellent resistance to all forms of wear occasioning from heavy use. The tub has a ribbed underbody that can endure heavy impact from large pans and pots.

Equipped with strong metallic feet, this best freestanding utility sink will feel stable even when its tub is filled fully. It will not wobble around while washing your clothes or bathing your furry friends.

The manufacturer supplies it along with all the necessary installation hardware. It also comes with a double handle faucet. The faucet is made of a brushed metal that can stand unblemished for decades.

8. MAYA Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Metal and ABS construction
  • Metallic base
  • High rise chrome faucet
  • Mounting hardware
  • 19 gallons
  • Measures 23.375X22.375X33.75 inches (LWH)

The MAYA utility sink comes as a complete kit with everything you need to expedite your laundry or cleaning tasks. It has a 19-gallon tub that can accommodate most washing tasks, a high rise chrome faucet which provides plenty of clearance when using the sink, and a side sprayer that directs water to where you need it most. The faucet has dual handles for hot and cold water.

MAYA’s technicians made the sink’s tub from premium ABS, a future-proofed material. Besides, the tub’s base is made of metal to enhance the sink’s overall longevity. So, the tub will not shatter when hit by heavy pans, pots, and any other item.

This sink's metallic legs have foot levelers that let you adjust the sink's height according to your body. As well, the levelers allow you to keep your tub stable when using it on uneven surfaces. The utility sink comes with its mounting brackets.

9.KoolMore Commercial Kitchen Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Integrated drainboard
  • Adjustable bullet feet
  • Freestanding installation
  • Backsplash and raised edges
  • Mounting hardware
  • Measures 33X21X44.5 inches (LWH)
  • 11.7 gallons

This high-end utility sink from Kool More features a unique and functional design that you can hardly find in the ordinary utility sinks. Possibly, this could be the reason why it is quite costly than many rivals.

With a 304 stainless steel construction, this best laundry utility sink will grow old with your family. It will neither corrode when exposed to unforgiving chemicals nor dent when hit by heavy kitchenware.

Design-wise, the utility tub has a 10-inch drain board that slants slightly to drain excess water from dishes or anything you are cleaning. Furthermore, the sink has a high backsplash and raised edges to prevent the mess associated with accidental splashes.

This utility sink will consume little space in your laundry, garage, or utility room with its compact design. However, the compact size comes at the sacrifice of reduced tub size. Its feet have plastic bullet fittings to keep the unit stable on your floor, as well as prevent your floor from scratches.

10. Jackson Supplies Heavy Duty Utility Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Thermoplastic and metal construction
  • Freestanding installation
  • 19 gallons
  • Preformed faucet holes
  • Floor levelers
  • Measures 23.375X22.375X33.75 inches (LWH)

The Jackson Supplies heavy-duty utility sink boasts of a durable thermoplastic and metal construction that will take up heavy use and abuse for decades. It is an excellent addition to ever-busy laundry and utility rooms.

With a 19-gallon tub, this best slop sink provides ample space to clean, rinse, or execute any other task conveniently. Different from its rivals with generic faucets, this model doesn't. It leaves you with the freedom of equipping it with a stylish kitchen faucet.

What’s more? While this sink doesn’t come with its generic faucet, it has lots of preformed faucet holes that can fit virtually any tap. So, the sink will not limit you into using predetermined taps.

Its stainless steel legs are tough enough to bear the weight of a filled tub. They have floor levelers to keep the unit stablewhen used on uneven surfaces. Jackson Supplies' heavy-duty utility sink comes along with all installation brackets.

What to Consider When Looking For Best Utility Sinks

Laundry utility sinks aren’t created equal. They differ regarding construction material, bowl size, price, drain options, and many other features. While the stores have a sink that fits into your ideal laundry or utility room, picking it out from the vast array is a tricky ordeal per se.Because of that, we've shed light on some essential information you need to know before you get into the stores.

What is a utility sink?

Simply said, a utility sink is an all-purpose tub. You can use it to soak soiled linen, hand-wash your clothes, dye your linen, bath your pets, fill your mob buckets, clean your gardening tools, or scrub dirty footwear. It is an essential addition for residential and commercial laundry or utility rooms..

Distinct from the ordinary sinks, utility sinks brag of durable construction and spacious, deep tub. Into the bargain, these multifunction sinks have first-rate resistance to staining, corrosion, and other forms of deterioration.

What is the best type of utility sink?

There are several types of utility sinks, and each has outstanding characteristics to take into account when shopping. Herein, we have reviewed the common types to help you choose wisely:

  • Chrome finish

Drop-in utility sinks are installed in a counter’s sink cutout hole. These utility sinks have a lip that supports them onto a counter. They are easy to install and less expensive. Nonetheless, their lip makes it hard to wipe debris and spills from your counter directly to the sink.

  • Under-mount utility sinks

The under-mount type mounts directly under your sink’s cutout hole. Instead of using a supportive lip, experts use heavy-duty anchors, metal clips, or high-strength epoxies. Although the under-mount sinks give counters a streamlined look, their installation is quite labor-intensive.

  • Wall-mount utility sinks

This type of utility sinks mounts directly to your laundry or utility room’s walls. Since these types of sinks are relatively compact, they are an excellent option for utility rooms where space is a luxury. They are relatively easy to install.

  • Freestanding utility sinks

This is the most common type of laundry utility sinks. The sinks have a stand to support the sinks’ tub. Their installation is quite straightforward, and they come in multiple designs to fit into various laundry layouts

How do you install a utility sink? Will you need a technician to help you install one?

Installing a utility sink is quite straightforward for anyone with basic plumbing knowledge. In fact, many sinks come along with a detailed setup manual to sail you through the entire process, step by step. Besides plumping knowledge, you will need the right tools to get the job done.

However, if you have several sinks to install, lack the right tools, or don't want to waste your precious time fumbling with the arduous installation process, get a technician to save you out. Unlike you, technicians have the tools and expertise required to get the job done quickly and adequately. Furthermore, with a technician, you will never have to deal with leakages and other issues associated with shoddy workmanship.

Does the size of a utility sink matter?

Size dictates the amount of installation space you need, as well as the capacity of your utility sink. For instance, if you have a large laundry or utility room, a big utility sink would be suitable. Compact size sinks are great for cramped spaces.

Conversely, if you want a sink where you can wash large items, pets, and several clothes at a time, one with a large tub would be ideal. So, before you buy a utility sink, make sure that it will fit the space available in your home, as well as provide ample cleaning space.

What is the best construction material for laundry utility sinks?

Manufacturers use different materials to design utility sinks. Since each material has unique physical characteristics, we've scrutinized each briefly to help you buy a sink made from your most appropriate material.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel sinks boast of a robust construction with reliable resistance to corrosion, rusting, impact, and scratches. The sinks are subject to denting if hit with sufficient force, highly susceptible to scratches, and quite expensive.

  • Porcelain

Porcelain sinks offer superior resistance to stains, scratches, impact, corrosion, and any form of wear associated with regular use. They are, therefore, an excellent fit for busy laundry or utility. As well, the porcelain utility sinks come in a range of colors to let you choose one that looks great in your space.

  • Thermoplastic (ABS, Acrylic, PVC, Polypropylene)

Though considered less durable than stainless steel and porcelain, thermoplastic utility sinks have reliable resistance to impact, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. As well, thermoplastic utility sinks are less expensive since their processing costs are relatively lower.

What's the price of the right utility sink?

Utility sinks can cost anything above $90. Their prices vary depending on the sink's size, design, and construction material. Large sinks with a stylish and durable design are a bit costly than their compact size counterparts with a regular design. It is advisable to avoid too cheap sinks since they might be too flimsy to endure heavy use, as well as the abuse associated with frequent laundering

Final Thoughts- What are the Best Laundry Utility Sinks

Best slop sinks should have tough construction and a design that blends well with your interior. Furthermore, the sinks should have a fair price tag and a reasonably sized tub. The picks on our list have all these characteristics.

If you don’t want to take chances, get our favorite pick, theVETTA freestanding utility sink. It boasts of a 19-gallon capacity and a heavy-duty thermoplastic construction. The freestanding sink comes with all the hardware you need to set it up.

If your budget is a bit squeezed, get the KINDRED stainless steel utility sink. Its stainless steel construction will last longer, and its top-mount installation design will cut down your labor costs significantly. Enhance your laundering convenience with the best utility sink!

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