Best Fireclay Sinks

Give Your Kitchen an attractive Vintage Makeover with These Best Fireclay Sinks

If you have wished to give your kitchen a rustic themed décor, we guesstimate that you have heard of the best fireclay sinks. These plumping fixtures boast of a vintage design that will give your space a timeless yet classy appeal. Their tough construction will survive corrosion and scratches for many years.

This roundup features top rated fireclay sinks that are often bought by many homeowners. They are durable, stylishly designed, easy to mount, and highly cleanable. Read on to save yourself from buying a fireclay sink that can frustrate you.

Famous for its solid fireclay construction, extra deep bowl, and a lifetime warranty, MOCCOA 33 inches Venezia fireclay sink has everything to enhance your convenience at the sink. It is a favorite for many homeowners. Its white, nonporous finish will brighten your kitchen, as well as minimize staining. Its rounded edges will neither retain water spots or grime.

Sinkology’s Wilcox Fireclay Sink is suitable for homemakers who love inexpensive deals. Made from hand-selected fireclay, this fireclay farmhouse sink will last for decades. It has superb resistance to impact, corrosion, and high temperatures. Its smooth, nonporous surface enhances clean ability, thereby preventing staining.

Best Fireclay Sinks Reviews

1. MOCCOA 33 inch Venezia Fireclay Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Impact and heatproof
  • White
  • 3.5-inch center drain
  • Measures 33X18X10 (LWH)

MOCCOA designed the Venezia fireclay sink to serve your kitchen diligently for several decades. It is resistant to corrosion, impact, heat variations, and other external factors that can speed up a sink’s wear and tear.

Featuring a thick fireclay construction, this sink is highly resistant to impact. It will neither break nor chip even if you accidentally knock it hard with your pans, pots, and any other heavy kitchen appliances.

Although it is white, the MOCCOA fireclay sink has superb resistance to stains and grime. Thanks to its smooth, nonporous surface, which lets you wipe the sink clean using a moist cloth and mild detergent. The white finish will maintain its glamour throughout the sink’s entire life.

In addition to its superb resistance to stains, the MOCCOA fireclay sink offers first-rate resistance to alkalis and acids used in household detergents and bleaches. Rest assured that it will not corrode even if you expose it to unforgiving chemicals regularly.

2. Whitehaus WHQD540 Fireclay Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Glossy and Matte colors
  • 3.5-inch center drain
  • Integrated drainboard
  • Smooth, nonporous finish
  • Measures 36X20X10 inches (LWH)

Measuring 36 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 10 inches high, this top rated farmhouse fireclay sink provides ample space to clean oversized pots, pans, cutlery, and other kitchen appliances without issue. It is one of the most capacious single bowl fireclay sinks in the market.

Whitehaus WHQD540 fireclay sink comes in glossy and matte finishes to choose from. The glossy finish is excellent for homeowners who wish to make their kitchen appear larger, while the matte-finished sink is suitable for those who want to add a more contemporary touch to their space.

The fireclay apron sink’s smooth, nonporous finish offers exceptional resistance to stains, scratches, alkalis, and acids. For that reason, the sink will not corrode or get unsightly stains, even after several decades of consistent use. You can keep it clean by simply wiping it after each use.

Made from thick fireclay, this sink is highly resistant to impact. It will neither break nor chip when hit accidentally with heavy pans, pots, and other kitchenware. Its 3.5 center drain is compatible with most plumbing systems.

3. MOCCOA 33 inch Brescia Fireclay Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Durable, authentic fireclay
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Stain-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Measures 33X18X10 inches (LWH)

Crafted from authentic fireclay, the MOCCOA Brescia will provide decades of service in your kitchen. It is virtually resistant to impact, shock, abrasion, and scratches. It is a lifelong plumping fixture that will grow old with your family.

On top of that, the authentic fireclay has superb resistance to high temperatures. Actually, you can place a hot pan in this sink, and it will not crack. With the tough, heat resistant, and chemical proof construction, the MOCCOA Brescia is ideal for heavily used kitchens.

MOCCOA’s technicians finished this best fireclay farm sink with an all-white, nonporous finish with superb resistance to stains, grime, and any other dirt. As well, the fireclay sink will neither discolor nor fade even after years of exposure to elements.

Measuring 33 inches long, 18 inches wide, and standing 10 inches high, this sink provides enough space to clean and rinse your utensils with ease. It uses a 3.5-inch center drain to connect to your plumbing system.

4. LaToscana LTW2718W 27 inch Fireclay House

Highlighted Features

  • 3.5-inch drain opening
  • Under-mount installation
  • Measures 27X18X10 (LWH)
  • Stain and impact resistant
  • Crisp white finish

Though smaller than most rivals on our roundup, this single bowl fireclay sinks from LaToscana is spacious enough to let you wash your large pots, casserole dishes, pans, and other kitchenware with great convenience. It is suitable for homeowners with small kitchens.

LaToscana finished this best fireclay apron sink with white, a finish that blends well with many interior decors. The white finish will illuminate your room, as well as create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

While many people think that white sinks are prone to staining, that isn't the case with LaToscana LTW2718W. Its smooth, nonporous surface is virtually resistant to stains and any form of dirt. Wiping it with a wet cloth will eliminate all stains.

The sink’s solid fireclay construction will hold up well for years. It won't give in easily to the deterioration occasioning from regular exposure to chemicals, alkalis, abrasion, and high temperatures. A 3.5-inch drain opening at the middle of the sink facilitates quick draining.

5. Sinkology Wilcox 24-inch Fireclay Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Crisp white
  • Interactive instruction manual
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stain and impact resistant
  • Measures 24X18X10 inches (LWH)

While fireclay sinks are great kitchen plumbing accessories, they come with one major issue- installing them. You will need a skilled technician to help you install the sink properly on many occasions. But, what if you want to do it yourself?

If you are DIYer, then this best fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink would be suitable. It comes with 3D interactive instructions to guide you through the setup process, step by step. You will need some basic DIY skills and the right tools to get the job done single-handedly.

Featuring a crisp white finish, this best fireclay farm sink will blend well with any interior décor. The white finish will maintain its crisp appearance for years. It will not fade, discolor, or stain even after exposing to cleaning detergents for many years.

The kitchen sink’s fireclay construction is tough enough to outlast competitors. It will not corrode, rust, or scratch. As well, the fireclay construction will not break when it collides with utensils or when you expose it to high temperatures.

6. Ostia 33-inch Farmhouse Fireclay Sink

  • Crisp white
  • Interactive instruction manual
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stain and impact resistant
  • Measures 24X18X10 inches (LWH)

Made from genuine Italian fireclay and designed by seasoned artisans, Ostia made this best fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink for three significant aims—last a lifetime, enhance your convenience, as well as give your kitchen an appealing vintage makeover.

Its authentic fireclay construction provides superb resistance to chips and cracks from heavy impact and high temperatures. In fact, this fireclay sink can handle pans straight out of the oven.

Ostia’s artisans finished this fireclay sink with a pure white glaze that repels water spots, resists stains, and minimizes corrosion. The finish will maintain its glossy white appeal even after years of exposing it to corrosive detergents.

Design-wise, the Ostia fireclay sink has smoothly curved corners to enhance clean ability, thereby minimizing staining. Its sloppy bottom improves water flow, and its 3.5-inch drain hole is compatible with most waste disposal systems.

7. Lordear 30-inch Fireclay Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Crisp white
  • Interactive instruction manual
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stain and impact resistant
  • Measures 24X18X10 inches (LWH)

The Lord ear 30-inch fireclay sink features on our list for one primary reason—a curved front side, which makes it unique from the standard box-shaped fireclay sinks. It is, therefore, suitable for homemakers who want distinctive kitchen appliances. Use it with the best wall mount kitchen faucet to give your kitchen a classic vintage atmosphere.

Like many top rated fireclay sinks on our roundup, Lord ear made this sink from solid fireclay to resist impact, abrasion, and corrosion. It will not break easily when knocked accidentally by heavy pans. As well, it will not corrode even when exposed to unforgiving alkalis and chemicals found in detergents.

The sink's white nonporous finish can blend well with almost all types of interior décors. It won't create an eyesore in your kitchen. Also, the white nonporous finish shields your sink against corrosion, and it improves clean ability.

8. ALFI 32-inch Double Bowl Fireclay Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Crisp white
  • Interactive instruction manual
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stain and impact resistant
  • Measures 24X18X10 inches (LWH)

While many best fireclay farmhouse sinks feature the single bowl design, ALFI’s technicians went against the norm to make this double bowl model for homemakers who want great convenience when cleaning dishes.

Depending on your preferences, you can use one bowl for dishwashing and the other one for food preparation. As well, you can use one side for washing dirty dishes and the other side for rinsing. The double bowl will, for sure, simplify your dishwashing experience.

Available in white and grey finishes, this top rated fireclay farmhouse sink presents you with an opportunity to invest in one that blends well with your interior. A white sink would be ideal for homemakers who want to give their kitchen a clean and brighter appearance. The grey finish is suitable for those who dislike overpowering shades.

The sink's authentic fireclay construction is strong enough to last a lifetime. It will not chip or break when exposed to high temperatures or when hit accidentally by heavy pans. Furthermore, the sink’s construction is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It comes with a one decade warranty.

9. BOCCHI 27-inches Contempo Fireclay Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Four finish variations
  • Dish grid and strainer included
  • Measures 27X19X10 inches (LWH)
  • Nonporous finish
  • Limited warranty

If you have been looking for a fireclay sink that can withstand heavy use and abuse, BOCCHI designed the Contempo fireclay sink for you. Its pressure cast organic fireclay construction is durable enough to resist chipping, abrasion, corrosion, and extreme temperatures.

The fireclay sink comes with a protective bottom grid that shields the sink from the collision impact occasioning from heavy pans and other kitchenware. The fireclay sink also comes with a strainer to filter out large debris that could block your plumping system.

BOCCHI Contempo fireclay sink comes in white, matte brown, biscuit, matte grey, white, and sapphire blue colors to let you invest in a sink whose shade blends well with your interior. Thus, you will not have to sacrifice your interior aesthetics for dishwashing convenience.

The fireclay sink's nonporous finish wards off water spots, stains, and grime to prevent staining and bacteria growth. The finish will maintain its new looks for ages, even when used and regularly exposed to harsh cleaning agents.

10. Houzer 33-inch Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Four finish options
  • Nonporous finish
  • Measures 33X20X10 inches (LWH)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Impact-resistant

Houzer made this best fireclay apron sink from a proprietary blend of fireclay fired at extremely high temperatures to make a tough sink that can endure heavy use for decades. The result is a sink with exceptional resistance to impact and high temperatures. It will not corrode even subjected to unforgiving chemicals and alkalis.

This best fireclay farm sink from Houzer isn't just tough, but it is free of lead, a heavy metal that could harm your health. You can use this sink to wash your dishes and clean your fresh ingredients without exposing your loved ones to harmful chemicals.

Houzer’s artisans finished this fireclay sink with white, black, biscuit, and gray finishes letting you invest in a sink that will look great in your kitchen— no need to use a sink that can compromise your interior’s aesthetics. The sink is finished with a smooth, nonporous finish with remarkable clean ability. It will not obtain unsightly stains even after numerous uses. The finish is highly resistant to scratches and fading.

Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Looking For a Good Fireclay Sink

Stores have a fireclay sink for each homeowner. While the multiple options increase your chances of getting a sink that suits your needs, the multiple choices can also place you at the risk of investing in a substandard model. However, buying the fireclay farm sink shouldn’t be hard, as long as you are acquitted with the following ideas.

Do fireclay sinks crack easily?

While many people think that fireclay sinks are fragile, they aren’t. They can withstand the collision impact from heavy pans, pots, jars, and other utensils without breaking, chipping, or even scratching. These sinks are made from ceramic clay dried at too high temperatures for several hours. Afterward, artisans finish the fireclay sink with porcelain enamel fired at approximately 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating process converts the ceramic clay and porcelain enamel to a tough material with excellent resistance to impact and shock. Therefore, a top rated fireclay farmhouse sink should serve you for several decades provided that you don’t break it intentionally.

Can you use bleaches in fireclay sinks?

Porcelain enamel, the nonporous finishing material used on fireclay sinks, is virtually resistant to alkalis, acids, ammonia, alcohol, chlorine, iodine, and any other chemical found in detergents, sanitizers, and bleaches. Therefore, you can use bleaches to clean your dishes in these types of sinks.

Does size matter when looking to buy the best fireclay sink?

A fireclay sink’s size determines the amount of installation space required and the number of utensils it can accommodate at a time. For instance, large size fireclay sinks require more space, and they hold more utensils than their small-sized fireclay sink.

For that reason, if your kitchen is large and you want a unit that can hold large pans, a large fireclay sink would serve you well. A small sized fireclay sink would suffice if your kitchen is small or you just have a few dishes to hand wash Thus, since size matters a lot, you should always check a fireclay's size before checking out of your kitchen appliance store. Before you buy, it would be prudent to ask a technician to recommend the right size for your kitchen counter.

What's the price for the best fireclay farmhouse sinks?

Best rated fireclay sinks aren’t cheap since they are a lifetime investment that will resist corrosion, abrasion, impact, and high temperatures to help you wash your dishes in style. Besides, the sinks will add a vintage makeover to your kitchen.

Averagely, top rated fireclay sinks can cost anything above $200. The price varies depending on the number of accessories provided along with the sink and its size and style.

How do you maintain your farmhouse fireclay sink?

A fireclay sink’s smooth, nonporous finishing layer repels water, stains, and grime. You will just need to wipe the sink with a wet cloth and soapy water to leave it spotlessly clean. If the fireclay sink loses its luster after some time, use diluted bleach to clear the stubborn stain.

While fireclay is tough, it isn’t entirely resistant to chipping and breaking. For that reason, when cleaning your heavy pots, pans, or cutlery, we propose that you place the kitchenware gently into the sink. That way, you will reduce the chances of chipping or breaking your best fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink.

As well, if you want to minimize the risk of pans colliding with the bottom of your sink, invest in a good sink grid. The grid will serve as a drainer, a sound buffer that minimizes noise when washing your dishes, and a shield that protects your sink's base from scratching and chipping.

Is it hard to install fireclay sinks?

Installing fireclay sinks is quite challenging since the units are heavy, and their plumbing specifications are quite intricate. Many typical counters aren’t designed to accommodate such heavy and large sinks

On that account, instead of installing the sinks yourself, we propose that you get an expert to help. Unlike you, an expert has the tools and skills required to modify your counter and install the sink correctly.

As a result, the sink’s weight will not overwhelm your counter, and you will not risk dropping your heavy sink. Furthermore, with an expert's help, you will never have to deal with leaking and any other issues associated with poor sink installation.

What other features should you check when buying the best fireclay apron sink?

  • Nonporous finish

Porous surfaces can absorb fluids and odor. As a result, your sink will start stinking, staining, and even promoting bacterial growth. Thus, before you buy a sink, make sure that its finish is free of pores that can lodge moisture.

  • Resistance to stains

Since your sink will be handling dirty cookware daily, you should look around for one with excellent resistance to stains. Probably you should get one with a smooth surface that repels dirt and simplifies cleaning.

  • Warranty

If you have doubts about the durability of your fireclay sink, look around for one with a warranty. That way, you can return a defective farmhouse fireclay sink that cannot live up to its marketing hype.

Our Verdict- Which Are The Best Fireclay Sinks To Buy?

The fireclay sinks featured on this list are durable, stylish, stain-resistant, easy to install, and reasonably priced. Just pick one that fits your unique plumbing needs, and we pledge that you will never regret it.

However, if you are undecided, we have two favorite picks that will not disappoint. Get the MOCCOA 33 inches Venezia fireclay sink if budget isn't an issue. Finished in white, this top rated fireclay farmhouse sink will make your room brighter and larger. The sink’s authentic fireclay is solid enough to resist impact and corrosion for a lifetime.

If your budget will not allow you to buy the MOCCOA Venezia fireclay sink, Sinkology’s Wilcox fireclay sink would be suitable. This inexpensive sink has a solid fireclay construction that can last long and a crisp white finish that will revamp your kitchen’s cosmetic appeal. It comes along with a free fireclay care kit to fix chippings and scratches.

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