Best Vessel Sinks

Redefine Your Bathroom with These Best Vessel Sinks

Unlike the usual sinks, the best vessel sinks will enhance the functionality and elegance of your bathroom. That’s why they have been featuring on the list of top bathroom décor trends, year in, year out.

However, these cutting-edge plumping fixtures have one catch—choosing the best from the many brands in stores. From simple sinks to high-end statement pieces, one can hardly miss a vessel sink that fits their unique specifications.

We reviewed ten of the most durable, stylish, and easy to install vessel sinks to take the burden off your shoulders. The recommended vessel sinks feature among the most trusted units by thousands of homeowners and bathroom remodelers.

With solid ceramic construction, an attractive simplistic design, to a generous warranty, Lordear’s ceramic vessel sink has everything to enhance your bathroom’s utility and style. No wonder it has several five-star ratings from homeowners who have tried it.

This affordable vessel sink from Comllen uses a combination of elegance and ruggedness to enhance your bathroom’s practicality. Its solid ceramic construction will endure frequent uses, while its all-white finish will make your space larger and brighter.

Best Vessel Sinks Reviews

1. Lordear Ceramic Vessel Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic construction
  • Measures 19Lx15WX5.5H Inches
  • Limited life warranty
  • Center drain hole
  • 19-gallon capacity
  • Countertop installation

Made from solid ceramic, Lordear made this best rectangular vessel bathroom sink to serve your bathroom for decades. Its glossy white finish offers first-rate resistance to stains, corrosion, scratches, and grime. Therefore, it is a practical fit for busy bathrooms.

Measuring 19 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 5 inches deep, this capacious sink vessel sink will let you execute all your bathroom tasks conveniently. Its deep bowl won’t soak your vanity top with splashes while washing or cleaning.

Installing Lordear’s ceramic vessel sink is easy. You can do it yourself. Many DIY homeowners claim that they were able to execute the task within a short period. All the same, you won’t spend much if you hire a plumber to help. What’s more? This vessel sink comes with a lifetime warranty that protects you against manufacturing defects. Hence, you will never lose your investment simply because you received a defective unit.

2. Comllen Rectangular Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic construction
  • Surface-mounted
  • Stain-resistant
  • Center drain
  • Measures 18.9X14.5X5.1 (LWH) inches

Although low-priced, the Comllen rectangular vessel sink has all the functional features required to up your convenience in the bathroom. It is a great pick for homeowners, restoration experts, or interior designers working on a very tight budget.

Like its high-cost rivals, Comllen's technicians molded this budget-friendly vessel sink from double-fired ceramic, a very durable construction material. It doesn’t shatter easily when knocked accidentally or corrode when exposed to unforgiving alkalis and acids.

Featuring a white glazed finish, this vessel bathroom sink will make your small-size bathroom look brighter and larger. The finish blends well with oil rubbed bronze, chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickel faucet finishes to give your bathroom an artistic makeover.

With the stain-resistant glaze, coupled with the sink's smooth curves, maintaining this vessel sink is easy. You can make it spotless clean in just a single wipe. It is a great buy for busy homeowners who lack enough time to scrub sinks that stain too easily.

3. KOHLER Vox Sink Vessel

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic construction
  • Rounded edges
  • Drop-in or vessel installation
  • Three faucet holes
  • Measures 23X8.1X6.9 inches (LWH)

While large vessel sinks provide ample cleaning space, they have one major shortcoming. Their bulky size can compromise your bathroom’s aesthetics since most are designed to be installed on top of your vanity or counter.

Kohler made this model for homeowners who want a large unit that will still preserve their bathroom’s cosmetic value. Unlike those bulk size vessel sinks for bathroom, the Kohler sink uses the drop-in installation method to tuck away almost half of its size into your vanity.

A non-porous, glossy finish finishes the vanity sink with superb resistance to water spots, stains, and corrosion. Its rounded edges simplify maintenance since they won't hold and hide grime.

Built from vitreous ceramic , this best-rated vessel sink will offer years of long-lasting beauty and durability. It will never chip, scratch, or shatter unless abused intentionally. As well, the sink will never lose its beauty to staining or corrosion.

4. Monarch Abode Pure Copper Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Five finish variations
  • Above-the-counter installation
  • Center drain hole
  • Copper construction
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Measures 19X13.75X6.25 (LWH) inches

If you wish to give your bathroom that eye-catching vintage look that draws attention easily, or you just have an eye for inimitably designed décor fittings, the Monarch Abode vessel sink would be the most suitable sink for you.

Its one-of-a-kind, hand-hammered design will give your bathroom a contemporary facelift. It comes finished with classic white, pure copper, satin silver, matte black, and desert clay finishes to choose from.

Its heavy-gauge copper construction is rugged enough to withstand heavy use and abuse for decades. It has superb resistance to chipping, impact, and abrasion. Copper is presumably tougher than ceramic.

However, unlike ceramic, most users who've tried this handmade vessel sink report that it gets stained easily. But, you can eliminate the stains by simply cleaning your sink after each use. Hence, do not fret buying this durable, vintage vessel sink.

As well, you will have to refrain from using corrosive and or abrasive cleaning detergents in this sink. Why? Such cleaners will corrode the sink’s protective coating, thereby making it more vulnerable to staining.

5. Kraus GV-200 Glass Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Tempered glass construction
  • Above-counter installation
  • Stain-resistant
  • Standard center drain
  • Measures 16.5X16.5X5.5 inches (LWH)

Featuring a luxurious glass construction, this vessel sink stands as a suitable fixture for modern bathrooms. Thanks to the awe-inspiring, handcrafted, round-shaped design. It will lift your bathroom's regular looks while improving its functionality.

With a minimalist size, the Kraus GV-200 vessel sink for bathroom stands as an ideal sink for small-sized or cramped bathrooms where space is a luxury. However, the minimalist design doesn’t mean that the unit is too small to compromise your convenience when washing or cleaning.

Its tempered glass construction brags of superior shatter-resistance and chemical corrosion. It is five times stronger than the conventional types of glass. Rest assured that this best vessel sink for bathrooms will maintain its integrity for a sensible period even when used frequently.

Kraus GV-200 vessel bathroom sink’s polished surface offers superb resistance to stains and grime. We would recommend it if your regular schedule is too tight to let you scrub the vessel sink thoroughly.

6. VAPSINT Oval Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic construction
  • Standard center drainage hole
  • Scratch and stain-resistant
  • Above counter installation
  • Measures 23.2X16.5X5.7 inches (LWH)

Measuring 23.2 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, and 5.7 inches deep, the VAPSINT oval vessel sink stands among the most spacious units in stores. Its interior provides plenty of space to execute your cleaning tasks without issue. It isn’t just spacious. But its European-inspired design is attractive enough to transform your bathroom’s cosmetic value. Its white finish will make your bathroom larger and brighter, and it will blend well with almost all interior décors.

Made from premium grade ceramic, this vessel sink will endure staining, chipping, abrasion, and any other form of wear and tear for a pretty long period. It will grow old with your bathroom, thereby saving you the bucks you would have spent replacing sinks that cannot stand the test of time.

Finished with a non-porous, stain-resistant finish, this the best large vessel sink will never accumulate those discouraging stains common with substandard finishes. Per se, your sink will maintain its new looks for as long as it can last.

7. Comllen Commercial Ceramic Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic construction
  • Stain-resistant
  • Center drain
  • Measures 18.9X13.3X5.5 inches (LWH)
  • Rounded edges

The Comllen commercial vessel sink features a European inspired style that can add some bold character to any state-of-the-art kitchen. Therefore, it is a great pick for bathroom remodelers, interior designers, and homeowners with an eye for modern, luxurious plumping fixtures.

Made from double-fired ceramic, this best vessel bathroom sink will last for decades, provided that you don't subject it to unwarranted abuse. It will not shatter easily even when subjected to medium impact. We would recommend it for those bathrooms found in commercial properties.

Comllen’s technicians finished the sink with a crystalline glaze with first-rate resistance to staining. Also, the glaze will make your room appear large and bright. It will maintain its striking looks for years since it is virtually resistant to scratches, chipping, and stain.

Maintaining this best rectangular vessel bathroom sink is pretty easy since the smooth glaze couples up with the vessel sinks rounded edges to improve clean ability. The glaze blends professionally with brushed nickel, stainless steel, chrome, and oil rubbed faucet finishes.

8. Monarch Abode Hand Hammered Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Four color options
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction
  • Center drain hole
  • Vessel installation
  • Measures 17X13X5.25 inches (LWH)

This round-shaped vessel bowl will give your bathroom a decorative boost that commands attention naturally. Since it is handmade, you can hardly spot one that looks like your new unit. Get it if you have an obsession for uniquely attractive.

Since different bathrooms have distinct interior decors, Monarch Abode finished this model with silver satin, pure copper, matte black, and classic white finishes. We bet, with these variations, you can hardly miss one that blends professionally with your interior.

Its heavy-gauge aluminum construction makes it an ideal fit for bathrooms that are highly vulnerable to heavy use and abuse. Aluminum is virtually shatterproof, abrasion-resistant, and non-corrosive. It will offer decades of service.

While this best vessel bathroom sink sounds like an ultimate deal for homeowners, those who have tried it claim that installing it is quite cumbersome. However, this doesn’t have to be an issue since you can hire an expert to help you fix it.

9. VASOYO Vessel Sink and Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic construction
  • Free brass faucet
  • Countertop installation
  • Attractive black and white finish
  • Non-abrasive interior
  • 16X13X5.67 inches (LWH)

Featuring a bowl-like design and finished with a white interior and black exterior, the VASOYO vessel sink stands out for one major reason—it can blend with traditional or modern bathroom decors. So, if you wish to give your space a high-end modern feel with some touch of vintage appeal, this vessel sink would be a great pick.

This best vessel sink for bathrooms isn’t just attractive, but it is durable enough to resist chipping, corrosion, abrasion, staining, and other forms of deterioration for years. Thanks to its temperature-treated ceramic construction.

Finished with a smooth, non-porous baked glaze, this unit offers superb resistance to grime and any other dirt. You can get rid of all stains by simply wiping this vessel sink after each use—no need to spend much time and effort cleaning it. The sink comes with a free faucet.

10. Lordear Store Vessel Vanity Sink

Highlighted Features

  • Ceramic construction
  • Stain-resistant
  • Center drain hole
  • Wall or vessel mounted
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Measures 20.8X16X6 inches (LWH)

Featuring a bold and seamless design, this top-rated rectangular vessel sink will add functional décor to your bathroom, to say the least. Like other vessel sinks, this model boasts solid ceramic construction, which is rugged enough to endure even the heaviest use and abuse.

Its interior comes finished with a smooth, acid-resistant polish that promises to maintain its crisp white looks for ages. The stain-resistant polish has a minimal water absorption rate.

Measuring 21 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 6 inches deep, the Lordear vessel sink's interior is spacious enough to execute your cleaning tasks with great convenience. Despite its capacious interior, the vessel sink requires little installation space.

Besides installing it on your vanity, you can install this sink on your bathroom wall and use it as a vanity sink. It has a faucet and center drain hole to let you use the vessel sink as an ordinary bathroom sink.

Factors to Consider When Looking For the Best Vessel Sink for Bathrooms

Candidly, choosing the best vessel bathroom sink is a lot more difficult than buying a conventional kitchen or bathroom sink. Why? These sinks' design keeps changing year after year to match trending styles. If you are not careful, you can easily buy a unit out of style.

As well, these decorative sinks come in a variety of sizes, construction materials, and finishes. Thus, finding the right vessel sink is no easy task. You need much time to scrutinize several brands before you settle on one. That’s why we prepared this detailed vessel sink buying guide to streamline your shopping experience.

Vessel sink: What is it?

If it is your first time to install a vessel sink, we guess that you might be wondering what a vessel sink is and how different it is from the ordinary bathroom sink. Ensuing is a simple definition of this plumbing fixture.

A vessel sink is a bowl-like sink designed to sit on your bathroom’s counter or vanity. It looks like an ancient washing basin. This attention-grabbing jewel is made for bathrooms rather than kitchens. Why? Their size isn’t practical in a kitchen setting.

Are vessel sinks out of fashion?

If you thought that vessel sinks are out of fashion, you are rightly wrong. These sinks are so much in style. In fact, many bathroom remodelers, and interior design creative recognize the sinks among top bathroom trends, year in, year out.

Unlike conventional sinks that can go out of style quickly, respectable manufacturers keep improving their designs to match the ever-changing décor trends. Perhaps, that is the reason why these sinks have managed to stay in fashion for decades.

However, vessel sinks aren’t created equal. Some might be too outdated to let you create a trendy space. Before buying, we propose that you check out the latest design trends and then buy a sink that fits the trend. You can also go for timeless designs that can hardly go out of style.

What are the pros of a vessel sink?

Vessel sinks are great attention grabbers. So, if you’ve been looking to transform your bathroom’s regular looks, then it is time to grab the best vessel sink for bathrooms. It will surely add a bold fashion statement to your boring bathroom.e.

The good thing is that vessel sinks come in a variety of styles to let you pick one that would look great in your bathroom. So, whether you want to give your bathroom a contemporary, timeless appeal or a luxurious modern feel, you can always find the right vessel sink for that purpose.

However, despite their benefits, vessel sinks aren’t entirely perfect. They have a fair share of shortcomings. For instance, the sinks are less durable than the ordinary drop-in or under-mount kitchen sinks. They may hold up well when used and abused regularly.

Are vessel sinks expensive?

While vessel sinks look so classy, they aren’t costly. Many top-rated vessels are less expensive than drop-in, under-mount, and utility sinks. You can hardly miss a good sink vessel at nearly any budget level.

The best-rated vessel sinks range from as low as $50 to about ten times as much for high-end designer models. These estimates do not factor installation costs and those for buying faucets

What are vessel sinks made from?

Manufacturers use varied materials to design vessel sinks. Some use metals like copper, stainless steel, heavy gauge aluminum. Others use natural stone, glass, or ceramic. Each construction material comes forth with distinct merits and demerits, which you need to consider before buying.

If you want a vessel sink for a busy bathroom, go for one made from ceramic, stainless steel, heavy gauge aluminum, or glass. These materials offer superb resistance to stains, scratches, and corrosion occasioning from regular exposure to chemicals. They are often used in making the best utility sinks. On the flip side, many vessel sinks made from these materials are quite costly.

If you rarely use your vessel sink or just want one for transforming your bathroom's looks, invest in one made from copper or natural stone. These materials are vulnerable to staining if not cleaned regularly. Natural stone can easily shatter into the bargain if knocked by heavy items.

How do you install a vessel sink?

Unlike the ordinary sinks, installing a vessel sink isn’t a professionals-only task. You will need a drill, trowel, putty sealant, and binder to get the job done. With the right tools at hand, you will need some basic plumbing knowledge to configure the faucets and then connect the sinks’ center drain to your plumbing system

However, if you doubt your plumbing skills, just hire a professional to help you. Experts have the right tools and skills required to get the job done quickly and correctly. Here is a vessel sink installation video to guide you.

Do vessel sinks splash water around your vanity?

Since many vessel sinks are quite shallow, they are likely to splash water around your vanity, more especially when your faucet releases a high-pressure jet. But this shouldn't be an issue when the sink is installed professionally at an appropriate height.

Our Verdict: What are the best vessel sinks?

There are two main issues to factor in when looking for the best vessel bathroom sinks. First, their style should be attractive enough to command attention since they are designed to enhance looks rather than convenience. Second, its construction should be tough enough to stand the test of time. It should be stain resistant, non-corrosive, and scratch-resistant. That way, the sink will not lose its cosmetic value after a few uses. While all the vessel sinks on our list are great, Lordear’s ceramic vessel sink stands out. With a minimalist elegance, the sink will take little space of your bathroom vanity. Its durable ceramic resistance is virtually resistant to stains, abrasion, and impact.

If you want the best bargain, Comllen’s ceramic vessel sink will not disappoint. This best rectangular vessel bathroom sink has a high capacity interior, and its ceramic construction offers superb longevity. It is scratch and stain-resistant. Revamp your bathroom’s looks and utility in style!

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