Best Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Organize your Bathroom with This Best Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Having the best wall mounted medicine cabinet is the ultimate solution to keeping your bathroom or laundry clutter-free. The unit keeps your grooming accessories, medicine, and other everyday products organized neatly and close at hand.

With so many wall mounted medicine cabinets in the market, selecting the right one isn’t a walk in the park. Actually, if you are a first-timer, there are great chances of making a wrong decision.

That’s why we have reviewed the top rated wall mounted bathroom cabinets below, with a view of rationalizing your shopping experience. Our picks have excellent customer ratings on Amazon, a utilitarian design, a rigid construction, and an attractive finish. Keep reading to spot the right medicine cabinet for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or bedroom.

Prepac’s Elite stackable medicine cabinet is our most favorite. Its solid MDF construction has superb structural strength and reliable resistance to normal wear. It comes in four color options to let you choose a hue that would look great in your interior.

If your budget is tight, get the Ollieroo combination lockbox. Though low-priced, the portable medicine cabinet has a tough PVC construction and a combination lock to safeguard your valuables. Its removable compartments help you organize your toiletries and medicine tidily.

Top Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet Reviews

1. Prepac Elite Stackable Wall Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Four finish variations
  • Particleboard construction
  • Measures 16 X 32 X 24 inches (LHW)
  • Two MDF doors
  • Tempered glass and metal construction
  • Adjustable shelves
  • 5- year warranty

Prepac Elite stackable wall cabinet takes our top slot simply because it gives the best value out of each dollar you spend. It is one of the most purchased and highly rated medicine cabinets on Amazon.

Whether you wish to give your bathroom an achromatic finish, or a flattering and timeless appeal, this stackable wall cabinet will not disappoint. It comes in black, espresso, white, and light gray finishes letting you choose your most suitable finish.

Prepac Elite built this medicine cabinet's main body from particleboard and its doors from solid MDF. Both MDF and particleboard are strong, dense, and reasonably durable. They are laminated to minimize the deterioration occasioning from moisture and water.

With an interior measuring 30.25 inches wide, 15.75 inches long, and 22.5 inches high, this wall-mounted medicine cabinet will accommodate a sufficient amount of everyday items. You can adjust its shelves to match your distinctive storage requirements.

2. RiverRidge Ellsworth Two Door Wall Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Two finish variations
  • Two fixed shelves
  • MDF construction
  • Towel bar
  • Measures 8.86 X 23.82 X 25 inches (LWH)
  • Dual shutter doors

Designed by River Ridge Home, a company with two decades of engineering experience, Ellsworth Door Cabinet brags of a vintage design that will give your bathroom a striking, timeless makeover.

River Ridge Home’s technicians designed it from laminated MDF to withstand water and moisture damage for an extended period. Depending on your taste, you can purchase a cabinet with either a white or black finish.

Design-wise, this top rated wall mounted medicine cabinet has two traditional shutter doors with chrome knobs to enhance its vintage appearance. Also, this best wall mounted medicine cabinet has two fixed shelves to accommodate all your grooming appliances and a towel bar for your decorative towels.

The wall-mounted medicine cabinet's interior measures 22 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and it stands 18 inches tall. The interior is divided halfway by one fixed shelf to let you sort your toiletries.

3. Sauder Caraway Etagere Medicine Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Over-the-toilet design
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Panel door with translucent insert
  • Measures 23.25 X 68.63 X 7.38 inches (LHW)
  • Bead board back panel

Sauder Caraway's Étagère boasts an ingenious over-the-toilet design intended to save up some space in your bathroom. It installs just above your toilet, thereby freeing up the remaining wall space for other bathroom furnishings.

On top of its space-saving design, this best wall mounted bathroom medicine cabinet has several partitions to help you organize your grooming items. It has a top shelf where you can store your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, or shower gel.

Furthermore, this medicine cabinet has two side shelves where you can store your toothbrush holder, and cubbyhole storage for your toothpaste, makeup, razors, shaving cream, jewelry, medications, and non-waterproof grooming gadgets.

The cubbyhole storage has an adjustable shelf and panel door to lock up your valuables. A spacious, open shelf located just above your toilet tank is suitable for storing towels, tissue paper, linens, hair styling products, and other chunk toiletries.

Finished with a soft white hue, this best bathroom wall cabinet will blend seamlessly with any bathroom or laundry décor. Moreover, the soft white shade makes your bathroom feel bigger, brighter, and warm.

4. Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Composite wood construction
  • Measures 36 X 19 X 7 inches (HLW)
  • Easy assembly

Wall-mounted medicine cabinets come with one major issue- installing them onto your bathroom or laundry's wall. In fact, if you aren't a DIYer, you will have to hire a technician to help you pin the unit on your wall.

But, what if you don't wish to hire a technician, or you live in a rented apartment where you aren't allowed to fix anything on the walls? If you are in such a situation, get the Atlantic Drawbridge media storage cabinet.

With a freestanding design, you will just need to position this bathroom wall cabinet against your bathroom’s wall, and then, start using it. So you will need no tools, prior technical experience, or a hired technician to help you install it.

Built from composite wood, a durable material that is highly resistant to moisture, water, and warping, this best modern medicine cabinet will serve you for a relatively long period before it gives up.

Its adjustable shelves present you with the freedom of customizing your storage space according to your inimitable storage preferences.

5. Ollieroo Combination Lock Medicine Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Ecofriendly PVC construction
  • Aluminum alloy edges
  • Combination lock
  • Portable
  • Removable dividers
  • Measures 9.95 X 6.63 X 8.97 inches

With a net weight of 2.3 pounds, an ergonomic handle, and a box-like design, Ollieroo stands among the best portable medicine cabinets the market has to offer. Therefore, it would be an ideal pick for campers, travelers, and other highly mobile people.

Though it is advertised as a medicine storage case, you can use it in several other creative ways. For instance, you can use it to store valuable pieces of jewelry, makeup kits, and any other small-sized grooming products.

Ollieroo combination lock medicine cabinet has several removable dividers to let you organize and sort your medications or grooming accessories neatly. Its combination latch locks your valuables securely.

Designed from industrial grade PVC, this best portable medicine cabinet is favorably resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and weather elements. It will not give up easily, even when subjected to heavy use and moderate abuse.

6. FURINO Indo Double Door Wall Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • 2 finish variations
  • Engineered Particleboard construction
  • Two shelves, one adjustable
  • Double doors
  • Measures 19.7 X 29.5 X 7.5 inches (LHW)

Furinno, the principal manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture, made this medicine cabinet from engineered particleboard, light composite wood with superb resistance to water and moisture damage. The construction comes finished with either white or espresso.

This best modern medicine cabinet features two lockable shelves and one unlockable one. Both shelves are spacious enough to accommodate your towels, body wash, toilet paper, toothbrush, makeup kits, and other lavatory items. You can adjust one of the shelves to suit your storage needs.

The medicine cabinet has double doors that lock your valuables securely. Leverage the doors’ lock ability to protect your toiletries, jewelry, and other grooming products from uncalled-for visitors, and external elements.

FURINO Indo double door cabinet comes ready to assemble, and with an assembly manual to guide you through the installation process. So, you can fix it yourself if you have the right pieces of equipment.

7. Elegant Home Whitney Wall Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Two shelves
  • MDF construction
  • Double doors
  • Measures 7X 22X 24 inches (WLH)
  • Mounting hardware included

Featuring an attractive vintage blueprint with an achromatic white finish, Elegant Home's Whitney wall cabinet will add an inviting appeal to your bathroom, laundry, or kitchen, or any other indoor space.

This best medicine cabinet features two storage compartments, each designed for various functions. One has two lockable doors to let you store and organize your expensive pieces of jewelry, non-waterproof grooming products, medicines, and makeup kits.

The other open storage compartment is suitable for storing all grooming products that you need to access quickly. You can use it to keep your face wash, towels, toothpaste, shower gels, toilet papers, and decorative items.

Built from engineered MDF, a dense, strong composite wood, this wall-mounted medicine cabinet will stick on your wall for a relatively long period. Its smooth achromatic finish repels water droplets, and it enhances clean ability. If the cabinet catches stains, wipe it clean with a soft damp cloth.

8. Zenna Home Cottage Wall Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Wooden construction
  • Full-length towel bar
  • Wall mounting hardware
  • Two storage compartments
  • Dual lockable doors
  • Measures 19.19X 5.75X 25.63 inches (LWH)

The Zenna Home Cottage wall cabinet brags of universal design, perfect for any room in your home. You can install it in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or laundry room. Its simple design, finished in white, will undoubtedly blend well with whichever space you install the cabinet.

This best wall mounted medicine cabinet features two main storage compartments- a lockable and an open one. The lockable compartment has one shelf that divides it halfway. You can use it to store your prescription drugs, critical documents, and other valuables.

You can adjust the lockable compartment’s shelf according to your unique storage needs. Its dual doors close/open smoothly, and they both have a knob-style handle to let you open the doors with minimal effort.

The open compartment is suitable for storing your interior decorations and those items that you would want to access quickly. As an extra, this cabinet has a full-length towel bar for your yoga mats, towels, and other linen.

9. RiverRidge Somerset Wall Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Two storage compartments
  • Measures 22.88X 7.88X 24.38 inches (LWH)
  • Two-color options
  • Wooden construction

Though featuring a simple design, this wall-mounted medicine cabinet has everything you would need to keep your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry organized. Like many of its rivals on this list, River Ridge Somerset wall cabinet has an open and a closed storage partitions.

The open compartment is ideal for displaying your home’s furnishings, while the locked one is suitable for storing unmentionables and other valuable items. You can adjust the shelf of the closed compartment to suit your storage needs.

River Ridge’s technicians designed this unit from wood to serve your home for a long. The entire construction has a white finish that makes your room brighter and larger. The finish can match with a broad spectrum of interior decors.

This Somerset wall cabinet comes with all the mounting hardware you need to set it up, and a manual to walk you through the installation course.

10. Kohler Frameless Aluminum Medicine Cabinet

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum construction
  • Mirrored interior
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Chip-free finish
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • Measures 14.25X 25.25x 3.625 inches (LHW)

Featuring an aluminum frame with tempered glass shelves, Kohler frameless aluminum medicine cabinet stands as one of our list's most durable units. It will tolerate even the heftiest use and abuse.

With a chip-free finish, this top rated medicine cabinet will maintain its silvery looks even after using and cleaning it regularly. The finish protects the aluminum construction against all forms of wear and tear occasioning from regular exposure to elements.

Although its shelves are made of tempered glass, they can bear the weight from your toiletries and any other item you wish to store in the cabinet. They are as tough as those made from wood or aluminum.

Kohler frameless medicine cabinet was not only designed to let you organize your toiletries, but you can use it to dress, shave, or apply makeup. Thanks to the full overlay mirror on the doors' interior side.

Factors to consider when looking for the Best Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

all-mounted medicine cabinets don’t come in a one size fits all. Instead, they come in varying price tags, styles, functions, sizes, and mounting styles. Each type is designed for unique homeowners out there.

For that reason, we've highlighted top ideas that would help you invest in a unit that fits into your individual needs. Read on to make an enlightened cabinet buying judgment.

How do you make sure that a wall-mounted medicine cabinet will fit on your bathroom’s walls?

As a rule, you should look for a unit that will fit on the space available in your bathroom's wall, or whichever place you wish to install it. Buying a unit that won’t fit on your wall will be a waste of resources.

Thus, before you start shopping around, we suggest that you take the measurements of our wall, and then look around for a unit that will span the size of the available space. Alternatively, you can get a cabinet that is slightly smaller than the available space.

What is the best finish for a wall-mounted medicine cabinet?

The type of finish to choose will depend on the warmth, feel, and the overall cosmetic impact you wish to achieve. Whatever your preferences, you can always find a cabinet with the right finish.

For instance, if you want to make your dull space bright and large, or give it an elegant makeover, we propose that you go for a cabinet with either a white or any other bright finish. Such finishes attract light, thereby making your room look radiant and larger

Likewise, bright-colored finishes make your space more inviting, and they blend nicely with most colors on the spectrum. On the flip side, the finishes are highly prone to getting unappealing stains, marks, and dirt.

In contrast, dark finishes will add an expressive depth of warmth, an inviting atmosphere, and a dramatic appearance to your bathroom, kitchen, or any other place you wish to install them. They stand out beautifully when installed in bathrooms with lighter interior decors.

What extra features should you consider when looking for a top-rated wall mounted kitchen cabinet?

Unlike the traditional wall mounted medicine cabinets that had a simple design, today's cabinets come with multiple features intended to improve your convenience, as well as give you maximum value out of your investment. Some of the extra features that you would consider when looking for the best modern medicine cabinet include:

  • Dressing mirror

Wall-mounted medicine cabinets with a mirror will save you from the costs of buying and installing a mirror in your bathroom. Moreover, they will help you save the space you would have used to install a cabinet and dressing mirror side by side.

  • Towel bar

A towel bar isn't just designed for your towels, but you can use it to hang or organize your yoga mats, cleaning products, and jewelry. You can also use it to hang various kitchenware if you use the medicine cabinet in your kitchen.

  • Adjustable shelf

An adjustable shelf comes in handy when you want to store bulk sized items in your wall mounted bathroom cabinet. So, if you don't want your cabinet to dictate what you keep, then a unit with adjustable shelves would be ideal.

  • Lockable doors

If you wish to lock your grooming or toiletries from uninvited guests, look around for a wall-mounted medicine cabinet with lockable doors. Besides securing your products against uninvited guests, doors will protect you from non-waterproof valuables from destructive indoor elements.

What are wall mounted medicine cabinets designed from?

Manufacturers use various types of materials to make wall mounted medicine cabinets. They use composite/engineered wood, PVC, or metals like aluminum and steel. Each of these construction materials has its merits and demerits.

Those designed from composite woods like MDF and particleboard are durable enough to serve you for a prolonged period. They have remarkable resiliency to rotting, molding, staining, cracking, and warping. But, they are less durable than their counterparts made from PVC, aluminum, and or steel.

If you want a wall-mounted medicine cabinet that will withstand even the heaviest use and abuse, go for those designed from aluminum or steel. The two metals have superb structural strength and reliable resistance to corrosion and weather elements.

Some manufacturers have resorted to using PVC as an alternative to composite wood and metal. While this plastic is light, it has excellent mechanical strength, and it is non-corrosive and abrasion-resistant.

Budget: How much does the bathroom wall cabinets cost?

The price of wall mounted medicine cabinets depends on the unit’s size, functionality, and construction. For example, capacious cabinets designed from heavy-duty materials like steel and aluminum tend to cost more than their counterparts designed from PVC and composite wood.

However, this doesn't imply that all inexpensive wall mounted bathroom cabinets have a shoddy construction and a small capacity. You can get a cheap unit with sturdy construction, generous interior, and a striking style if you take your time to shop around.

Final Thoughts: What’s the best wall mounted medicine cabinet?

The best wall mounted bathroom cabinet should be durable enough to outlast competitors and spacious to accommodate all your grooming valuables. Its finish should blend seamlessly with your décor.

In this roundup, we cherry-picked and reviewed ten top-rated medicine cabinets. Our picks have robust construction, an excellent rating on Amazon, and plenty of features to help you keep your bathroom organized.

While all our picks are great, Prepac Elite Stackable Wall Cabinet stands as the winner in our roundup. With a solid MDF construction, this cabinet will stick on your wall for a reasonable period. Its spacious shelves are adjustable, and it has dual doors to lock your valuables securely.If your budget is tight, get the Ollieroo combination lockbox. Its PVC construction will endure everyday wear for an extended period, and its removable compartments will help you organize your toiletries, grooming items, and medications neatly. It is time to keep your bathroom organized!

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